content creation

I offer content creation packages ranging from social media content, brochure writing and website content to email marketing and blogs. Basically, if it has words, I'm your girl. 

I take your brand, grab it by the horns and make it into something sociable, approachable and customer-focused. So, drop me an email and let's get chatting. 

  • Script Writing

    Looking to create an advert but need a script? Look no further. I have written scripts for brands to use for audio and visual advertising.

  • Social Media

    I've run social for brands since day one. Remember when Twitter launched and we were sending out direct mail letters. 

    I create and design content for you to schedule, or I'll schedule it for you. 

  • Email Marketing

    Straight in the inbox. Let's convert your customer base into sales. Have an announcement, lets get it done. 

  • Copywriting

    Do you need a series of blogs for your site? Does your website need a content overhaul? Do you need letters rewriting? When it comes to words, I am QUEEN. Try me!

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