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Chatting Food Magazine was created in 2019 following a very special pop up based in London. I was surrounded by so many special individuals with exciting and unique stories I wanted to create a platform that truly shouted about positive news stories. Full of complimentary red wine and several napkins stolen from a first-class Virgin train, I mapped out the beginnings of Chatting Food. 

I created Chatting Food from scratch. It is one of my greatest achievements. I managed every single process, from branding and design to website build. I pitched to PR agencies, created all the content, ran every social media channel and developed a successful income strategy. 

Chatting Food was always about much more than me. From the beginning I wanted the site to be a place where new and exciting food writers could get a chance to review and write food and drink stories. I wanted a place to develop talent. Fast forward a few years and we have over 14 writers from across the UK reviewing products and restaurants, attending events, and writing exciting features. #TeamChattingFood was born.

The future for Chatting Food looks bright, we will continue to work with Chefs, Brand and PRs to promote positive news. We don't have anything negative on site. 2020 gave us enough bad news for a lifetime. We also continue to build the brand across different mediums including the launch of a podcast in 2021. 

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