Small Strokes


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to look at my mentoring page. As someone who has searched for help with my own businesses, I understand that this is the first leap. But don't worry you are in safe hands. And I hope we can work together, to build your confidence and business.

I have over 15 years of practical marketing and business experience working in a variety of industries. You can find everything about me here. 

Why choose me as your personal marketing mentor, 'cus there is a fair few of us about? That's a very good question. Let me start with my mission. My life has been hectic. I am someone who loves to create and grow brands, I love to roll my sleeves up and get involved.


I have built up a huge bank of knowledge working in corporate, small business, tech startups and ultimately for myself. Peppered in this bank of knowledge are a fair few failures and a good handful of learning curves. 


I live for people who are brave enough to create a business. It takes more guts than most people will ever know. It is the most rewarding job in the world, to watch an idea your thought of growing and growing. But it has its downsides.


Working in microbusinesses, small businesses or hustling on your own can be at times be truly overwhelming. The plates that you spin increase daily, and one of the most important ones, but the one that can get dropped or overworked is marketing.


My mission is to help, support and lead you through simple and effective techniques that can streamline your processes, allow you to laser focus on your strategy and grow your business without feeling overrun. 



Post pandemic, where the world can be a little too digital, it is sometimes difficult to network and find your own self employed and small business tribes. Those group of people that just understand your frustrations and also your wins. Family and friends are great, but you know that sometimes you just want someone who just understands and gives you advice from a place of experience and not opinion.


I don’t really like the word cheerleader, it seems too saccharine and one-dimensional. I’d rather use words like advocate, defender, promoter and friend. My aim is to understand, listen, work with you on your business and support your decision as we work out your marketing strategy. I needed people when I was building my businesses, and now I want to be there for you. 


I offer a range of services made to support business, and available in single or split zero-interest payments. Budgets are tight, and sometimes you want to commit, but paying a lump sum upfront can be difficult. Trust me, I know you have bills to pay.

The 'Fantastic Four' Package



This introductory package aims to boost the marketing of your business with four sessions focused on you and your business.


We’ll discuss where you are with your business, your goals and visions and work through  to ensure you are streamlining your marketing, so it isn’t overwhelming you. We’ll make sure you work have a targeted action plan to work through. 


We will build on the foundation you have already created, develop new marketing channels and discuss your branding and tone of voice. You may want to use these sessions within a few months or may need to spread them out. We will work at your pace.


This package includes

  • 4 x 1-hour sessions via Zoom where we will look at sections of your business and work through marketing techniques to help boost your business.

  • 1 x 30 min round up call

  • 1 x 30 min touch base call to be used up to two months after this package finishes. 


Each session will be recorded and sent to you after the sessions. You will also receive action notes from your session in a working document that you will have access to throughout the course and as a summary PDF at the end. 

The Limelight Hour



Is something just not sitting well with you, but you don’t know what the answer is? Are you looking for expert marketing advice from outside of your business? I offer a Limelight Hour. Yes, let’s drag whatever is keeping you up at night, into the light, and resolve it. Whether that be the best tools to use to streamline your marketing. Budgets for advertising or what content pillars are and how do to use them? This is a one-off hour to focus on one specific topic and you go away with a recorded session, a plan of action and more sleep.

"Your Perfect Ten" Package



Are you looking to review your entire business in detail? I offer ‘Your Perfect Ten”.


We will pick ten areas of marketing to focus on. Each session will be built only around that specific area, meaning week by week you will learn the full marketing mix for your business, allowing you to make more strategic decisions as you grow. This is the ultimate package if you are looking at a full 360 of your marketing. 


Sessions include Marketing Planning, How To Leverage LinkedIn, Email Marketing and Automation, Graphic Design and Branding, Lead Generation, How To Create A Perfect PR Toolkit, How To Pitch To Journalists.


This package includes

  • 10 x 1-hour sessions via Zoom to be used over 12 months.

  • 2 x 1 -hour touch base call to be used up to six months after this package finishes. 

  • 10% discount off any additional sessions/packages to be used within 12 months of completing ‘Your Perfect Ten”


This package must be concluded within 12 months of purchasing. Each session will be recorded and sent to you after the sessions. You will also receive action notes from your session in a working document that you will have access to throughout the course, and as a summary PDF at the end. This package also comes with full email access to me throughout the course, just in case you have an idea, worry or need help. We will 

Me, In Real Life


£750 per day 

+ travelling and accommodation (of needed)

Yes, you can book and have a full day session in person. Sometimes zoom isn’t right for you, and sometimes you need a big day session to get your juices flowing. I offer limited in-person sessions. These will be full day sessions.

7.5hours of work