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Small Strokes

mentoring & coaching packages for creative introverts and quiet achievers


  • Weekly or fortnightly 1:1 coaching

  • Opportunities to communicate via WhatsApp or Email (no need to call)

  • Group coaching of no more than four people, regardless of the waiting list.

  • Ability to ask questions with a mix of a directive and non-directive coaching style.

  • Coaching will be recorded, and an agenda will be agreed on before each session to ensure no curveballs.

  • No role play.


My 1:1 sessions are available in two packages;



My mentoring & coaching style is specifically for creatives who are introverted. Regardless of how your process information and the world around you, you should have access to mentorship and coaching. 

I mentor entry level and new managers within creative industries to find their voice and help manage the extroverted business landscape. This also includes individuals who have taken the leap into the freelance world or small business. 

I also coach individuals currently in management positions through to C-Suite level who need to find their leadership voice and develop strong public personas. 

Each session lasts either 30mins (weekly) or 45 mins (fortnightly), meaning the commitment from you is achievable - it is the same amount of time as a gym session or a walk with your dog. 

Freelancer Package

Are you thinking about taking your first steps into the freelance and self-employed world? Do you have an idea you have been sitting on for years, and have decided NOW is your time?

Do you need a kick? Want to discuss your worries? Want advice on starting out? Need help with branding and buyer journeys? Need to know how to create an initial business plan? 


This package includes​

  • 2.5 hours of mentoring to be delivered in 1x 90min session and 1 x 60min session. 

  • We'll discuss your business plans, worries, and set out tasks and goals to help you take the first step into self employment or set up that freelance business. 

The CV Sort Out

Are you at a point in your career where you need to head back into the job market? This could be a professional decision based on chasing your next step up the ladder or the unfortunate consequence of a global pandemic. I have worked in copywriting and marketing for 15 years, and one of the hardest skills to master is writing about yourself. 

Now more than ever, you need to creatively stand out from a crowd of CVs. 

Take up my CV Sort Out Session, and let me help you build a stunning CV. 


  • A worksheet full of prompts and questions to help you delve deep into you and your career

  • Hint and Tips from a HR Professional & How To Design A CV

  • 45 min Zoom session with me to boost your CV draft (including a discussion on your career, helping you see all your benefits, and writing them in a way to stand out from the boring Word Documents. 

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