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Six Reasons Why You Should Hire A Marketing Mentor

Is it time to hire a marketing mentor?

Hiring a marketing mentor may seem at first like a pointless and quite obvious waste of time. Or a luxury that big businesses or people with bigger budgets should and could have. Don’t get me wrong, hiring a marketing mentor is an investment in you and your business but isn’t it about time you invested in yourself and the company you have worked so hard to build?

When it comes to marketing, you may feel that it already involves a lot of unnecessary spend on adverts, print, or PR companies who don’t deliver in the time scale. Or you may be in a situation where you have created a business and customer following with limited spending and resources.

Both paths involve a significant amount of energy and repetitive behaviour, leading to the ultimate business hiccup - the dreaded hamster on a wheel. We have all been in this space. And have you really run a business unless your face has become too close to the everyday work?

But maybe now is the time to take a step back, breathe and reassess where you want to go, your original business goals, and take an honest look at your entire marketing function. Or maybe you are starting out and want to get a suitable plan in place before the rest of the business overwhelms you. Here are six reasons why hiring a marketing mentor might be the best decision you have made this week.

Six Reasons Why You Should Hire A Marketing Mentor

1. You don’t want to do it alone

Being a solo business owner is rewarding, empowering and without a doubt one of the most significant learning curves of your life. But really, should you do it all by yourself. It is understandable that you probably don’t have the budget to hire or outsource monthly in the early days of your business. The apprehension of ensuring that you cover that cost, as well as your own, can be off-putting. And rightly so. You need to do things by yourself, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. My marketing mentoring offers exclusive 1:1 sessions, where we spend time focusing just on this area of your business. You also get a shared drive where we note sessions, plans, actions and braindumps. You won’t be alone; you’ll have a resource you can lean on when you need it.

2. You feel it is time to feel empowered.

Yes, it is about time you felt that rush. You should feel empowered in your business and your ideas. Through constantly asking why, we will ask where you are, what you have achieved, how far you have come and how to go even further.

3. You’re overwhelmed, burnt out or frustrated.

You don’t deserve to feel these things, but unfortunately, they have become quite significant pillars in running your own business. As marketing channels and techniques appear weekly, it can be a lot to stay on top of them. To be fair, TikTok didn’t exist when most of us started our businesses, and now we need to know how to create content and create engaging content on that platform. You open it, look at it, and don’t have the time to really take in the information by an expert on YouTube. The biggest question is, do you need to be on it? Does it align with your goals, and is it part of your customer journey?

4. You’ve stagnated, but you still have the drive.

You still have that fire in your belly, but it doesn’t matter which way you turn; your profits are not moving the way you want. You know the answers are out there, but where.

5. You have a desire to learn but not the budget to hire

You know it would be easier just to let someone else do all your marketing, but that comes at a cost. And usually, a regular monthly fee, especially when it comes to content and social media. You may be able to get an intern in or a Government Kickstart programme underway, but do you actually have the time and energy to teach someone your business so they can market it?

Do you feel confident enough to know if what they are doing or what you are teaching is the best thing for you, your business and your intern? But expertise and speed come at an even greater cost. Do you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place?

Hiring a marketing mentor is the perfect choice for you - professional advice with speed, reliability and experience. Also, an opportunity to work at your pace. You may not need support weekly but monthly - it is your choice. But you will get professional advice and experience without the large overheads. And it may be that we come to a conclusion you do need to hire, but this will be thought out and planned.

6. You are unsure you know who your customer is anymore.

You started out with an idea, and you created a business. You aimed your marketing at those original customers and watched it grow. But A) how often do you look at your customer profiles? B) Have you even created a buyer persona? C) Have they changed since you began, and if so, are you shouting your business messages at the wrong audience? It is about time to focus and go back to basics. No business will truly flourish unless you have a bloody good idea who is buying your product. Hiring a marketing mentor will help address this alongside other marketing foundations to understand you are planning and delivering the best marketing you can.


I’m Ellen, an accomplished marketing professional with 15 years of experience. I’m also a business owner, editor of online food and drink magazine and creative. I’ve been in your shoes; I am still in your shoes. I am learning every day and understand real business. My style is grounded, open and non-judgemental, and always honest.

I have a mixture of packages available to suit your needs, including Pay As You Go options, packages aimed at freelancers, and set hour packages.

Please visit my website and do your research on me. And if you have any questions, then please ask.

Feel free to book a Free 15 Min Compatibility Call to see if we can work together - and I look forward to meeting you and your business.


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