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about ellen pope

A freelance marketer, entrepreneur, agency owner, copywriter and soon to be a podcaster. I am Ellen, and I would love to work with you. 

I have worked in a multitude of industries throughout my career including financial services, small business, arts, startups, tech, hospitality, fitness, recruitment and retail.

I am an editor and have created successful UK known brands from scratch. I understand the hustle. 

I like to roll my sleeves and get involved in your business. I am an approachable girl, a problem solver, and skilled in helping your business reach its potential. 

I do probably swear too much, and the lockdown has meant I have lost the ability to style my hair in any other way than a bundle on top of my head, but I have experience and loads of fucking work ethic. 

I believe the sky is the limit in business, and that includes yours. 

I have worked hard my entire life. From starting my career dressed as Mr Wimpy for a radio station, badgering my way into a local newspaper for work experience aged 16, to running marketing departments for financial services organisations, launching stores in countries I have never been to and founding my own magazine. Without even trying, every single role I have taken, both employed and through my self employed business, has been a brand new role that I have had to build out from scratch. I understand how to build teams, roles, businesses and brands. I have launched venues, and retail stores and pivot has become my middle name. 

I work strategically, but I also work from the heart. I am a small business owner, and I understand small business owners. I am not here to give you fluff, make memes, tell you how to have £5k months or that if you get up before 5 am and have a bullet coffee, then your day will be fine. If those are your aims, let me tell you something for free, you may fail. This isn't the 'Gram- this is business.

My personal and business mission is to help your businesses succeed. My style is non-judgemental, honest, supportive and I aim to advocate for your business as you grow.


My coaching style is not to intimidate or preach. We will have grounded conversations about where you are, where you need to be and how we will get you there.


My consulting style is the same. This is a no-ego zone, and this is a zero fibs zone. No ego, no lies. Just hard work to get you where you need to be (and probably with a fair whack of swearing). 

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