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A freelance marketer, entrepreneur, agency owner, copywriter and soon to be a podcaster. I am Ellen, and I would love to work with you. 

I have worked in a multitude of industries throughout my career including financial services, small business, arts, startups, tech, hospitality, fitness, recruitment and retail.

I am an editor and have created successful UK known brands from scratch. I understand the hustle. 

I like to roll my sleeves and get involved in your business. I am an approachable girl, a problem solver and I am skilled in helping your business reach its potential. 

I do probably swear too much, and lockdown has meant I have lost the ability to style my hair in any other way than a bundle on top of my head; but I have experience, and loads of fucking work ethic. 

I believe the sky is the limit in business, and that includes yours. 

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